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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Fifth Birthday Wishlist

So in just under nine weeks time, my big boy James turns FIVE!! I mean seriously it does not seem five minutes since he was turning one and now he’s a big school boy turning five! James is the last of his school friends to turn five with his birthday being the 26th August.

We have been asking James what he would like for his birthday and the following are things that he has asked for!

A Volcano – now this is something of an odd one, I can only assume he saw something on YouTube about volcano’s and it stuck in his mind as something he wanted to get!

This is the first one we have been looking at. This is £10.99 and available from Toys r Us.

These next two are from and are priced at 5.99 each. 

The second thing James has asked for is an orchard toys game called Crazy Chef. We bought this for one of his little school pals and well James just loves orchard toys games! He already has a few of them and they really capture his imagination!
We found this game on for £5.61and £7.99 at Toys r Us.

The third thing James has asked for is an ice dragon. Now we have had no luck online finding an ice dragon so I think he might be disappointed with this one!

As James is turning five mummy has been looking to see if she can find anything she wants to get him online.  Nana and Gaga are looking at getting him a bike, so mummy and daddy will be getting the safety equipment.

As James loves Spiderman I saw this set on Toys r us website and though James would love it for his new bike!

I think James would totally love this set, as its a basket, bell and bottle all Spiderman branded. This retails for £12.99 at toys r us.

We also found this Spiderman branded helmet also from toys r us retailing for £14.99

So this is our wish list for James turning five! If anyone has any other good ideas please let me know!

** All images from Amazon and Toys r Us**

Friday, 4 August 2017

Newcastle NE1 Motor Show 2017

The weekend of the 8-9th July was the weekend that Newcastle city centre came to a standstill as Grainger Street and Grey Street hosted the NE1 Motor Show.

The last time we went it was 2015 and James wasn't even three and I was pregnant with Freddie. Then last year poor James was actually ill the weekend of the show so we had to miss it, so we made sure we went this year!

James had a brilliant time! He got to sit in an old racing car and another old car, but the highlight for James was sitting in an Aston Martin V12 Vantage! He was also wearing his Aston Martin jumper that his big cousin who works for them gave him.

Check out our photos from the day! 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

James First 100 High Frequency Words Challenge

James has just finished his Reception year at school, and one of the things he has struggled with has been his High Frequency Words.

The guidelines for Reception say that the children should know 100 words by the end of the school year, James however is only on the second set of the 100. 

He is such a stubborn boy and the words he has, he does know, its just he messes around when you are trying to go through them with him!

So mummy has found all the words he should know by now and I have printed them out and cut them out and James is going to learn these over the summer!

Check back in September to see how we did on our challenge!

We found the words on this website:

Monday, 31 July 2017

One Week Down, FIVE to go!

So week one of the summer holidays is officially over, and I have survived having both boys with me 24/7!!!

Now people will read this and laugh as of course I had both boys with me last summer too, but last summer (2016) Freddie was not mobile! I could quite happily leave him on his baby gym and go into the kitchen to make lunch or a cup of tea!

Now this year summer 2017 Freddie is very much mobile, in fact he's running all over and pestering James something rotten!

So week one has been pretty chilled out, we have pretty much stayed at home bar a doctors appointment for mummy's dodgy knee, a trip to shop and a fun morning at our local sure start centre!

We also had Nana and Gaga drop in for a couple of hours too! 

The highlight of the week though for James was our trip to Newcastle on Friday where we went for a pub lunch with Nana and Gaga!

Week two we are going to stay with Nana and Gaga. So there will be lots of walking into the village to go to the river, maybe ice cream and of course lots of visits to the play park 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Freddie at 20 Months!

So my little menace we are only 16 weeks away from you turning two! We have no idea yet what we are doing! When your brother turned two we went to York for the day, but with your birthday being winter and also during school term we can't really do that for you.

You are now fully off formula milk and are drinking green top cows milk. The next step is to get you off your bottles! You are taking all your water from a munchkin 360 and I have bought you two beakers with silicon teats to try and get you off your bottles at least during the day! So far you have actually taken to one of them pretty well and have most of you milk in the day time from it and only have a bottle at bed time or in the night if you wake up and don't settle back down.

Your sleep can be a little hit and miss, but most nights you sleep from between 7 and half past till at least 6 in the morning. We still do have the odd night where you like to have a rave between 1 and 4am! Generally this happens when you are teething or mummy has noticed if you get disturbed at bed time by your big brother acting up, then you are normally up and down during the night.

You are such a little menace, and accident prone! You just don't know when to stop! You gave yourself two bruises on opposite sides of your head when we were at James school for the singing picnic all because you wanted to run! You do not like to hear the word 'No' if we have to say no Freddie you generally answer with either yea or me.

You are in more 18-24 clothes and take a 5F in shoes. You wear a 5+ nappy at night and a size 4 pull up during the day! You haven't worn a sleep suit at night in a few months as mummy and daddy found trying to get you into one too much of a challenge as you definitely do not like having clothes put on! I think you would be quite happy running around wearing only a nappy.  

You love playing games with your big brother, oddly you seem to love him pulling you around the lounge by your ankles. When he does this you are normally laughing hysterically at him. You have also started to climb up onto the sofa next to James if  he is watching his favour YouTube video Scary Flying Shark!

You absolutely love going to our sure start group and I know you will miss going weekly over the summer as it changes to every other week so we only have three groups on over the holidays! But I think you will definitely enjoy the summer groups as you will have your big brother there to play with you! 

The next time I write to you Freddie you will be 21 months old and the summer holidays will be all bout over! 

Love you always my cheeky boy

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Summer Reading 2017

James is not the best reader for his age. He loves having stories read to him, but ask him to read to you and he gets grumpy!

This year at school, he has brought home books but most have lasted a few weeks before he has had them changed as he kept refusing to do his reading with us.

Now he is on holiday for six weeks and Mummy is determined to get him reading more so when he goes back he will want to do his reading.

So with that in mind I have designed him his own summer 2017 reading record book!

I thought that the school might have sent something like that home for the kids over the summer, but they didn't so I sat down on the first Saturday night of the holidays while James and Freddie were in bed and designed one myself! 

I designed both the cover and the inserts in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7, Which is quite an old soft wear, but its one that I love! And even when I have tried new ones I always end up coming back to this one!

Below is what I came up with! The only difference between the cover below and the one I have printed out is that the printed copy has James' name on!


I inserted the cover onto the right hand side of a landscape Microsoft Word document to make a cover. I then inserted two of the record pages onto a landscape Word document, then printed them out, I then worked out which way to put the paper up in my printer to print on the other side to make the record sheets double sided!

I'm really hoping this encourages James with his reading over the summer, so when he goes back to school in September he makes a good impression on his new teacher and also that his old teacher and his old TAs are proud of him!  

Friday, 21 July 2017

End Of Reception - First Year at School!

So it's James last day of school today and I really can't believe my baby boy has finished his first year in school.

This time last year he was finishing nursery and I was all i cant believe he's finishing nursery for big boy school and now he's finished his first year in school. Year one in September sounds so grown up.

I know James is really going to miss the TA they have in the afternoon as she was his TA in nursery so he has had her for the last two years.

So it's not been an easy year for James. He has had his struggles, mostly with his stubbornness. You ask him to do his keywords or his reading and he just mucks about.

He has some lovely friends most are from his class at nursery, but he has made friends with some of the kids that were new in the school.

I have loved going up to pick him up and hearing all about his day. I have been going up that little bit earlier so I can see him play outside with his friends. Its so cute hearing his little friends shouting "James there's your mummy and baby!"

Since James started school, his relationship with Freddie has got so much better. He comes out of school telling him he's missed him.

We had the end of term project outcome last week and mummy, daddy, nana, gaga and Freddie went into have school dinner with James and to collect our cook books that the kids had made this term.

Although it's the end of school, James is still not yet five and wont be five till the second last weekend of the summer holidays.

I'm so proud of everything James has achieved in reception and I'm looking forward to him continuing to flourish in year one.