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Monday, 26 June 2017

James is Turning Five - The Invites!

So James is turning five and he asked for a Spiderman Soft Play party at our local sports centre!

So the first thing mummy did was jump on the internet and start looking at spiderman party invitations and to be honest none of the ones I looked at jumped out at me.

So I decided to take the plunge and design something myself!

By doing this I could put all the important information on in the design process saving myself time writing it all out!

When you have a class of 30 children plus friends with children its an awful lot of invites to write giving yourself a very sore hand!! So by putting all the main information on in the design process, all I actually needed to do once they were printed and cut out was put each child's name onto the invite.

So mummy sat down one morning while Freddie was having a nap, jumped onto the internet and found some great Spiderman images and imported them into Paint Shop Pro and away I went and this is what I came up with:

Not bad for a morning nap times work!

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Freddie at 19 months

So another month closer to you turning two my little man.

You are such a little character. You have the cheekiest smile and your eyes light up when you see your mummy!

You are definitely at mummy's boy, but as soon as daddy gets home from work you stop whatever you are doing and run to the door shouting dada dada! 

Your sleeping has got much better lately. You are sleeping from around 7pm till 11pm having 6oz of milk and then sleeping till half 6am

You are wearing a size 4 pull up and size 5+ nappy. Your clothes are a mixture of 12-18 and 18-24. You are very nearly onto cow's milk. We have been swapping you over very slowly and so far there has been no reaction!

You had your first trip to Warkworth beach on father's day. You loved digging in the sand. You were not keen on the sea as it was quite cold but you kept running towards the sea hwhen mummy and daddy went in. You even threw your hat in!

You have started getting very upset when we take James to school. You scream and cry but when we go to pick him up you have the biggest smile. 

You still love your baby group at sure start. You have discovered the taps in the toilets and you and your little pals are always running in and turning them off and on!

You are definitely mischievous, and your eyes light up with mischief when you see something you shouldn't!

You have been to your second hoppings at Newcastle town moor, last year you were little and couldn't go on anything. This year you went on a ride with James and you loved it! 

Love you so much my little dude

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

5th Birthday Plans for James!

So my baby is turning five! Like seriously it does not seem five minutes since he was this tiny helpless puking newborn and now he's this handsome, grown up little boy about to turn five!

James birthday is actually bank holiday Saturday in August so we knew trying to have a party then would be a no go. 

Last year we had his party the week before his birthday and to be honest it was not too good as hardly any of his pals were there due to holidays. I think there was about ten kids there including James and Freddie!

So this year we have decided to have the party the weekend after his birthday, so that will be the first Sunday in September right before he goes back to school. So hopefully more of his friends will be able to come! 

So what sort of party are we planning? First off we have a lovely little sports centre five minutes walk from our house with a fantastic soft play that all his pals love, so for second year running we booked it!

James is absolutely Spiderman daft at the moment so I think most of the table wear will be Spiderman themed! 

So Pinterest has become my best friend! I have a whole board dedicated to Spiderman parties! 

First off mummy has designed some cool Spiderman invites! I had been looking online for weeks for some Spiderman invitations but none of the ones we saw were all that nice, so I decided to take the plunge and design some myself on Paint Shop Pro. By doing this I have been able to put all the information for the party i.e. date, time, venue and of course the all important RSVP information on so all I will need to do once we have them printed is actually put them into envelopes and put the names on!

James has had one request - a Spiderman Pinata! EEK mummy is going to have to embrace the inner hidden artist to make it haha!

I cannot wait to post more nearer the time about things we have done for his party and what we do on the actual day!

Monday, 19 June 2017

Zip and Zoe what's in your backpack

We have been working with Zip and Zoe as brand ambassadors for a few months now and James totally loves his bag! 

Zip and Zoe are running a fantastic competition and all you need to do is show them "what's in your backpack!"

So this is what is in our Zip and Zoe Dino's bag!

First off this is our bag! Isn't it awesome we love the bright colours and well who doesn't love a dinosaur!

James uses his bag for school, so inside we have his reading book and his reading record book. He also has his water bottle on the front pocket and his suntan lotion, which lives n the small front pocket. 

We also have random little bits which he throws in his bag, for example the plastic jewels are from his swashbuckle magazine and the string and rubber bands is a 'necklace' he made at school.

So to enter this fantastic competition share what is in your backpack to Instagram tagging @zipandzoe using the hashtag #whatsinmybackpack you could win an Amazon voucher and a Zip and Zoe backpack and lunch set.

Disclaimer we have not been paid to publish this post, this is part of our ambassadorship with Zip and Zoe.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Pacif-I The Bluetooth Thermometer and Soother in One

One of the most common things to hit a child is a temperature and with Freddie teething he gets them often. As a mum of two boys aged 4 and 1, you would think I would know all the tricks when it came to taking temperatures when illness struck! 

Sadly with one child who hates anything near his ears (James)! And a wriggling toddler who won't let us near him to use an in ear thermometer or a non contact thermometer it's tricky getting an accurate reading!

Step in Pacif-i to help parents, grandparents, childminders, basically any childcare provider! 

Pacif-i is a Bluetooth thermometer built into a soother! It attaches to your phone and/or tablet via Bluetooth and an app records the child's temperature!

When the lovely people at Blue Maestro offed us a Pacif-i to review we were thrilled. Trying to use either an in ear thermometer or a none contact thermometer on a wriggling 18 month old is a nightmare! 

When Freddie was first offered the Pacif-i he kept taking it out and looking at it, then putting it back in. Just the same as he does with his normal MAM dummy.

Freddie is recovering from his third ear infection in the last three months so having this option for taking his temperature was an utter godsend as he's taken a big dislike to our non contact thermometer and since it was an ear infection he hated anything near his ears. He's also been teething badly so has been having high temperatures 

So being able to give him this and it be soother and thermometer in one we have been able to keep him happy and check his temperature without him getting distressed has been brilliant! Now if only I could use it on the four year old as well! 

Disclaimer: we were sent the pacif-I free of charge in exchange for this review

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Freddie at 18 months old

Freddie how can you be 18 months old! It feels like I have blinked and you have gone from this tiny newborn to this grown up cheeky rascal!

At 18 months old you are wearing a mixture of 12-18 and 18-24 clothes, a size 5+ nappy at night and a size 4 pull up in the day. 

You hate having your bum changed or having your clothes put on or taken off! Trying to dress you in a morning is like dressing a moving target! The only time I try and lie you down to change you is if there is poop! Rest of the time your have to stand up!

You absolutely adore your big brother! And the feeling is actually mutual now! James comes rushing over to see you after school when we pick him up, and then once we are home you follow him around like a little shadow! You actually play together pretty well now, you love it when James tickles you and you actually let him pick you up!

You are very much a mummy's boy and if I go out your sight for more than twenty seconds you are screaming blue murder! Unless of course nana and gaga are visiting then you glue yourself to gaga!

We have started going to a new toddler group on a Tuesday morning at a local church hall which you love! We still go to sure start on a Thursday morning and you have been having ball there lately in the nice weather playing in the garden and going on the slide! Although you did get soaking wet playing in the water the one day mummy forgot to bring spare clothes! 

You are learning lots of new words, but your favourite words have to be mama and J! As soon as you see your brother you start shouting J! J!

You have a real love for Iggle Piggle after our trip to CBeebies Land and you cuddle up to your little Iggle Piggle every night, so I think we might need to invest in a bigger one for you!

I can't believe we are now on the count down to your second birthday! But of course first we have your big brother turning five!

Love you always my little bear
Mummy xxx 

Saturday, 20 May 2017

SnoozeShade #NotJustForSummer

Last summer we were sent a SnoozeShade Original to review and to say we fell in love with it, is an understatement! We absolutely adore it! So when we were asked to take part in the Not Just For Summer campaign we were thrilled!

Even before we got involved we were already using the SnoozeShade over the winter. Freddie was in a forwards facing Mamas and Papas Armadillo pushchair and even though it has a big hood and a pull out sunshade. It just doesn't stop the winter sun from getting in his eyes.

We live in the north east where the winter wind can be bitterly cold. I have not only been using the SnoozeShade to keep the sun out of Freddie's eyes, but also to keep the bitterly cold wind off him.
This has been so good for the school run as a few times Freddie has fallen asleep in his pushchair before I can get a coat onto him for going to pick up James so I have had to wrap blankets around him then done up the footmuff and put the SnoozeShade over to keep the wind off him. A few times I have even added the rain cover on top of the SnoozeShade just to keep any drizzle off and give him an extra layer. 

When we were away at Alton Towers in Easter holidays the SnoozeShade was first thing I packed into changing bag! This ensured Freddie got a decent nap in the park. For this trip we were using our Sola pram as we needed the seat for on the coach. 

The SnoozeShade has got to be my favourite product I have used with Freddie. It it permanently in the basket so it's there when ever we need it!

I would recommend the SnoozeShade to anyone and a few people have even stopped and asked me where it's from and what it is!

Monday, 15 May 2017

Ten things that make me happy

I've been tagged by the lovely Chelle at to write a post on ten things that make me happy. 

1. Hearing James read his school book. James is the youngest in his class at school and does struggle with his reading and writing, so hearing him sounding out letters and blending them into words makes me happy.

2. Hearing Freddie snoring on a night. My good sleeper has turned into a rubbish sleeper so I value anytime he's actually asleep.

3. My friends. My best friends may not be local to me, but I know they are always at the other end of the phone.

4. Andy. My wonderful husband is probably my best friend and he's always been there for me in good times and bad.

5. My iPad. I'm such a geek and love technology. I tend to do most of my blogging work on my iPad as Freddie tries to slam the laptop shut on my fingers or climb up the chair or even try and tip me off the chair!

6. Tea! I love a good cup of tea and generally drink about 6 cups during the day! 

7. Photography. I actually have an a/s level in photography and I love the work of Ansel Adams.

8. Spending one on one time with James. Since Freddie came along I don't really get much time with just James, so when I get that time I love it!

9. Freddie giving a big smile as you know he's either done something mischievous or is about too. He's way more mischievous than James was at the same age!

10. Having a day out as a family. Andy used to work every other Saturday, so now he's off every weekend we try and do something as a family. 

I'm tagging the lovely Lucy at

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

James and Freddie do CBeebies Land!

CBeebies Land 

The day was finally here and boy was it an early start! Mummy and daddy had their alarm set for 0545am! 

We got the boys up at 0615am and got them dressed. We had layed out all the boys clothes the night before on the sofa. Both boys had breakfast which was great as we were planning on feeding them on the coach.

We had a taxi booked for 0715 to take us into town as our national holidays coach went from Bewick Street, across the road from Newcastle Central Station and we did not want to chance public transport early in the morning!

Mummy and daddy had prepared for the trip by downloading lots of programmes and films onto our tablets for the boys to watch.

Our coach left at 0750am. We had to swap coaches at Wetherby, The boys were so good on the first coach, in fact Freddie slept for a good chunk of the time! We had plenty for them to do and keep them occupied plus they each had a new toy Teletubby! We left Wetherby at ten to eleven. Freddie started to lose his patients a bit, but lucky when that happened, we were close to the park! 

We arrived at the park just after 1pm. James was so excited! After getting the pram we headed straight into CBeebies Land! 

The first ride we went on was the Go Jetters Vroomster. We had a short wait but James loved it! We then did the Octonauts ride with quite a long wait but again James loved it.

After the Octonauts it was time for lunch! Sandwiches, tea and coffee for mummy and daddy. Jacket potatoes, beans and fruit for the boys!

Then it was Postman Pat which we could all go on! Freddie absolutely adored this ride! He sat on the seat hitting the horn! We got a great photo on this ride! We then went into Nina's science lab which James was running round trying everything! 

We then went into the photo studio n got a photo with Go Jetters! 
We were back on the coach to the hotel just after 5 but left coach park at half 5. Our hotel was about an hour away from the park and Freddie slept the whole way!

We got into our hotel room at 7pm, then went down for our meal which was lovely. Both boys were asleep by half nine!

Day two was another early start with having breakfast at just after 7am! 

We left the hotel at 9am and got to park at 10am for opening! James wanted to go on the Octonauts first, so daddy took him on that! Then they went on the Go Jetters ride! 

We then did the In The Night Garden boat ride. Freddie absolutely loved this one! His face lit up when he saw Iggle Piggle!
We then left Cbeebies land and went over to Mutiny Bay to go to Sharkbait Reef, both boys absolutely loved this! James was very excited to find Nemo and Dory!
We then got a cable car up to cloud cuckoo land. We had lunch at the burger kitchen which was lovely and hot! Both the boys loved their food! Mummy and James then went on a carousel! 

Jame did the driving school and got his driving license! While daddy and James queued up, mummy went and changed Freddie's bum, I put the snoozeshade over the pram to see if Freddie would get some sleep which he did - two hours! 

After the driving we went back down to the cable cars and went back down to Tower Street and had a look in the shop before heading back into CBeebies Land to go into the Something Special Sensory Garden. We then went into the shop where James got a grandmaster glitch toy and Freddie an Iggle Piggle! 

We then went out into Tower street to let James have a run on the grass while mummy nipped into the shop and bought keyrings and a pen. 

Freddie woke up and we went into a coffee shop. We needed a chill out before we did toilets and bum change before getting back on the coach. 

The coach left just after 4pm. After a half hour break at Wetherby services we finally got into Newcastle just before 10pm! 

It was a brilliant couple of days but a very long trip home! Freddie did lose his patients a few times and need out of his seat for cuddles, but James was brilliant!

We would love to go back, but maybe try a different way of getting there and back!

Disclaimer: We paid for this trip ourselves and are writing about it to show how much fun we had! 

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Freddie at 17 months

So I'm over a week late this month since you have been pretty poorly with an ear infection plus tonsillitis, so I've not had much time for anything bar you clinging to me! You barely ate or slept for over a week! 

So 17 months Freddie! We are nearly half way to you turning two! 

Your walking has come on such! Especially when we were at Alton Towers! You walked everywhere on the first day in the park! You got to drive Postman Pat's van with James which you loved! You were hitting the horn on the steering wheel and laughing! You had an absolute ball while we were away! You fell more in love with Mr Tumble and Iggle Piggle too! You even came home with a toy Mr Tumble and toy Iggle Piggle, who join you in your cot every night! 

So you are in a mixture of 12-18 and 18-24 clothes, you wear a size 5+ nappy at night and a size 4 pull up in the day. You take a size 4.5H in shoes! You love walking on your reins especially when James is holding them!

You are still very much a mummy's boy and love nothing more than snuggling up in bed or on the sofa with mummy! You adore your big brother and miss him very much when he's at school! You love going to your group at sure start although you have missed a few due to illness lately!

You have been known to start hitting the door during the day shouting for James or J as you call him! 

Your eating has taken a few steps backwards since u were ill. Your back to eating basically mush. You are starting to eat more solid foods like fruit but I think your throat might still be a bit tender as if u are given pieces of Chicken you are gagging a bit.

I wonder what new tricks you will have by 18 months

Love you always Freddie Bear


Sunday, 16 April 2017

What's in our Coach Bags?

So we are traveling from Newcastle down to Alton Towers via coach with National holidays soon. 

We have done a coach to London before last year with the boys, James had just turned 4 and Freddie was 9 months. Now Freddie is 16  month's, walking and very active!

We have packed the boys a little rucksack each to keep them amused on the trip down and back!

So in James bag we have an usbourne sticker book he got for his birthday last summer, his new laalaa Teletubby, his pad loaded with games and his headphones. Of course his best friend CB will be there too!

For Freddie we have packed a couple of teethers, his new po Teletubby, a book, his headphones, his bunny and a blanket he loves to snuggle up too. We also have the Trunki Yondi in Freddie's bag to stop his head drooping when he's asleep on coach.

We have made lots of little snack bags with a mixture of safari biscuits, mini chedders and little dish gogo's. These will be kept in mummy's bag to stop James eating them all! 

Mummy has her bag with the snacks, drinks etc in plus Freddie's milk and bottles. Of course my iPad and headphones too! I have download the postman pat movie on Netflix and a few other bits for Freddie while daddy has downloaded stuff for James! 

Hopefully we have packed enough for the coach! Wish us luck!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Freddie at 16 months

So the biggest thing that's happened with you this month Freddie is that you are now officially walking like a pro! You love nothing more than toddling around the house, very often you are following James! 

You are in mostly in 12-18 clothes, but I think you might be going to start wearing 18-24 soon in trousers especially! You wear a size 4 pull-up and a size 5 nappy. You are very hit and miss with your naps some days you will have two other days just one long one!

You start every night in your own cot, but normally end up in with mummy and daddy by 4am! You are teething badly again so as normal you have a nasty cold and snotty nose! You seem to be getting two more top front teeth taking you to a total of 13 teeth!

You have had your first sleepover with James at nana and gaga's house which went well! You slept for eleven hours straight through! I would love you to do that at home again! Mummy and daddy were meant to be going for a meal but both ended up ill. 

You are literally obsessed with your brother and love nothing more now than toddling up to him and putting your arms round him! 

We all love you so much Freddie Bear
Love always 
Mummy xxx

Friday, 24 March 2017

Messy Mat Review

With a weaning baby, you are guaranteed messy meal times! With a four year old you are pretty much guaranteed mess wherever you go! 

When Messy Me got in touch and offered us one of their messy mats to review we were thrilled! We chose to receive the mat in navy with white stars. 

Freddie is a very messy eater who likes launching food across the floor! My rug has been saved a number of times especially when Freddie took it upon himself to kick his bowl of porridge out my hands one breakfast time! 

The mat is basically a giant oil cloth and we love it! It is wipe clean and it has literally been a godsend since it arrived! 
Before we got the mat we were having to get our Hoover out at least three times a day now all we need to do is shake the mat of outside! James is a little disappointed though that the Hoover is not out as much as well he does love our hoover! 
We are looking forward to using the mat more over the coming weeks especially as the Easter holidays are coming up in a few weeks which means lots of messy painting with James! I generally don't like getting the paint out, but I can see the messy mat saving my table and floor from the paint!

Disclaimer: We received the Messy Mat free of charge in exchange for this honest review. All opinions and photos are our own! 

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Living Arrows 10/52

So I'm a bit late this week. James had a 24 hour bug on the weekend which he then passed onto mummy then Freddie decided to have a 1-4am rave n be a monkey the rest of the week!

So James has been back at school a week now and what a busy first week back they had! They had a school trip to Whitehouse Farm on the Tuesday, Wednesday they had PE and then Thursday was World Book Day. James dressed at Willy Wonka! By Friday night James was shattered! They also introduced a new lunch system at school where the kids choose their meal at registration and are given a coloured wristband which they exchange for their meal. James however seems to be choosing the blue option every day! 

Freddie has been learning to walk this week! He has mastered ten steps on his own in the house and loves nothing more than toddling along holding your hand when you are out. Think it will be a trip for new shoes at the weekend! He does seem to have been a baby much longer than James ever was, but I guess that's because James was walking at ten months old! And by age Freddie is now (15 months) he was running everywhere!

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Redesigning James Bedroom - The Shape and Layout

We have been living in our house now for nearly two years and to be honest we have done nothing to James bedroom at all apart from putting in a roller blind! I do have a series of posts lined up on paints and furniture we are aiming to get for his room so this post is basically on the layout and shape of his room!

As the room is such an odd shape we are going to have to use the space wisely when we start to redecorate and redesign his room to make it more suitable for him!

The room currently had built in wardrobes, a horrible carpet and horrible white puffy wallpaper! Below you can see the shape of his room without anything in it!
As you can see it is a very odd shape. The alcove on the right is actually above our stair case and currently is a dumping group for all his toys! 

Below you can see how his room is set out at the moment. Having the wardrobes where they are currently makes a a long dark passage into his room. His bed is actually in front of his window and radiator so his bed is sucking all the heat away from the rest of the room
Below is what  we are hoping to start doing to his room in the next month or so. We are going to take the wardrobes out and move them to the alcove. This new layout will give James so much more floor space to play and enjoy his room. at the moment all he does is actually sleep in his room as there is not much space for him to play with his toys or even set up his wooden train set.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Living Arrows 9/52

And so half term is over and James is back at school! I'm ready for a rest! 

This week the boys have been to the dentist! Both were really good and opened their mouths! Although nana did bribe James with his latest craze zomlings(??) 

We have chilled out this week watching lots of Netflix and playing online games! James is crazy about the cbbc program Swashbuckle so we have been watching it on BBC iplayer and playing the games in the cbbc website! Then on Friday as it was daddy's day off work mummy, daddy and James went to see the Lego batman movie! James loved it but mummy and daddy found it rather cheesey. It was also James first visit to the cinema and he loved it! Although I think the popcorn might have helped!

While we were at the cinema nana and gaga took Freddie off around the metro centre! He's learning to walk and will confidently toddle along holding your hand and has done five steps on his own! It won't be long before I have two boys running me riot!

So it's back to school and back into a routine for mummy and Freddie! Having James at home totally knocks me for six and I get so confused as to what day it is and what I'm doing when!

Living Arrows

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Freddie at fifteen months!

Freddie you are 15 months old and such a little monkey! You are into everything! You crawl into the kitchen and follow me round like a little puppy! Your favourite game is emptying the draw where I keep the tea towels! It's got to the stage where we have had to put your travel cot up in our lounge and stick you in there if we need to leave the room!

You are wearing 12-18 clothes and a size 5+ nappy at night. You have started wearing a size 4 pull up during the day. We found changing your nappies during the day so challenging as you would crawl off nappyless! 

You have been poorly again! We were staying with your nana and gaga, and you were up all of the Saturday night screaming, so nana, mummy and James took you to the urgent care centre and three hours later we found out you had an ear infection. 

You are starting to learn to walk and have done five steps so far. But you still prefer to crawl as you can get to places much faster! You do however love walking around holding someone's hand. You had a lot of toddle time in the metro centre with mummy then you had a toddle with gaga and nana!

You mastered climbing the stairs when we were staying with nana and gaga! You were zooming up their stairs, after a couple of days at home you started climbing our stairs, but u always seem to stop half way up!

Your relationship with your big brother is so cute to watch. You love nothing more than climbing on James to give him cuddles! You were playing so nicely with James in the hospital waiting room. 

I wonder if by your 16 month update you will be walking? I know I will definitely need eyes in the back of my head as you are definitely my Mr Mischief! 

Lots of love